Video is more than a visual aid. It brings you along and encourages you to run deep into a concept. Like the adventures of Indiana Jones or the beautifully educational Planet Earth. You get more than a hint. You get an experience. We truly love that concept are we are excited to share it with you as well. Whether it be the process of building and development or something else, we can’t wait to go on a walk through the process together.



New places with new steps

For us, a family favorite thing to do was always going on walks…  We would walk and walk for hours.  Looking for all the beautiful things, and then stepping over the gross ones!  It was always a journey.  Now looking back at family life, those were the moments.  The journeys that we took together.  This is the type of thing that we would like to bring to you, through videography.  It’s the concept of seeking out something you hadn’t known about or had yet to experience, and then find it.  Through a walk.  Through a journey.  Something on the other side of the world or something just a few blocks away from you.  It’s accessible and it answers all of unanswered questions.